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Fri, Jul. 8th, 2011, 12:16 pm

I actually completed this piece about a week ago, but I different parts were on different computers so pasting them together took a bit longer than I intended. Nonetheless, Here is my Dodgers ballad crossing between a heroic epic and an elegy.

‘Twas once a franchise bathed in praise
Among Baseball's elite
For in this team's lost glory days
Which fans cherish so sweet
And as the years have passed,
Less does the glory last
And thus each poor hopeful fan says to wait for new great feats

In the Big Apple’s foreign heart
Where the working class dwell
Two men named Byrne and Doyle would start
A team to be upheld
As the great city’s prize
For all to realize
A team to play serious parts for history to tell

In 1882 began
This team ev'ryone knows
Through many names it was known an'
Yet one name now it goes
“Brooklyn Grays", "The Bridegrooms",
"Superbas", "Dodgers", "Bums"?
"The Grays" Byrne and Doyle named each man yet "Dodgers" now it shows

And thus for 75 years,
'Dem bums was Brooklyn's pride
Through endless heartbreaks, mounds of tears;
But glory far and wide
8 times, they'd play in Fall
1 time, they'd win it all
Yet throughout Brooklyn, all could hear passion from ev'ry side

1920 brought fans great glee
Short of Mitchell's demise
For Cleveland seized the victory
Before the Bums' own eyes
And through the country's boom
The poor Robins would loom
For all of Brooklyn bound to see 21 straight lossed tries

But then came 1941
When MacPhail ran the show
100 games the Dodgers won
Thus, to the Bronx they'd go
But for not Mickey's pass,
A vict’ry, but alas!
A noveled rivalry begun with 10 chapters to go

In '47, history
Was changed for all the game
When courtesy of Branch Rickey
To Brooklyn Jackie came
And despite many's hate
His heroics were great
And through the decades brought many to praise Robinson's name

'47 and '49
Were cherished seasons most
But Shotton's boys at series time
Saw Casey as the host
While lead by Joltin' Joe
The bombers thus would go
To victory some viewed divine, without the Brooks to boast

Then '51, when Dressen got
To fall at Leo's hands
Branca's throw became Booby's shot
Heard throughout all the lands
This rival of such of such hate
No grudge in sports more great
Than between the franchises not forgiven by the fans

In '52 and '53
The Fall classic both years
Pee-Wee, the Duke and company
Mickey and more to fear
Pennants, 'dem Bums would claim
But both years were the same
For Casey's boys claimed victory and left the Brooks in tears

A sincerely coveted gift
Is worth suffering for
For 1955 was this
One year forever more
When Brooklyn was the place
All could at last embrace
When Baseball watched Alston's men lift as champions ne'er before

Then '56 would mark the end
Of Brooklyn's glory days
The scars of loss, fans could not mend
For Ebbets could not stay
The Yanks triumphed again
But fans all dreaded when
The Dodgers, Brooklyn's long-time friend were soon to part their ways

Then ‘57 marked the year
Brooklyn dared not believe
Walter O'Malley brought the fear
Fans' hearts would not conceive
As he took his team west
And history's the rest
For Brooklyn would become a mere old home 'dem Bums would leave

’58 began a new tale
As the west sun shined high
For ‘dem Brooklyn Bums to set sail
To reach the SoCal skies
A new Hollywood scene
Like there had never been
And in no time the fans would hail through great days soon to lie.

Located East of the 110
The coliseum stood
To be their Baseball home for then
Though not their home for good
But there, sat the new fans
From beaches and dry lands
To show all their pride and joy when the blue boys stayed for good

In ’59 glory began
On Los Angeles ground
For on the Coliseum land
They were October bound
Down did the White Sox would fall
The Dodgers won it all
Strikeouts and Moon shots to the stands brought pride from all around

And then came 1962
Where a new land was seen
As now home to the boys in blue
Was at Chavez Ravine
Despite hardships that year
Great victories were near
To make this stadium the new home for LA's proud team

Future glory was clear in view
Great times weren't far away
The Davises, Maury and two
Pitchers were there each day
Three Cy Youngs for the best
And one more for the rest
In this home to bleed Dodger blue, its fans were proud those days

Revenge; a bitter taste so sweet
In 1963
When Don and Sandy held each lead
Against those "Dam Yankees"
All Dodger fans would shout,
"Yankees fall four and out!"
For 'twas a great and mighty feat; more glory to procede

Two springs later, '65 brought
Another victory
When Don and Sandy justly fought
Harmon and company
At last in game seven
One swing of "Sweet" Lou then
The champions the Twins were not to Walter Alston's glee.

What goes up always must go down
To these bums' great regret
For one more Fall in Dodger town,
Baltimore would upset
For in that class Fall
Within four games was all
To scar each Dodger fan a frown with 8 more years to fret.

Then meanwhile in New Mexico
Where grew talent so great
That soon Los Angeles would know
What for they were to wait
Steve, Davey, Billl, and Ron
Charlie and of course, Don
Together these young men would grow before it was too late

Then in 1974
LA welcomed the Fall
But past the Pirates were no more
Cheers for Dodger baseball
Mr. October's days
Favored the mighty A's
And thus the series' best of four ended five games in all.

The color Red the next two years,
Covered a great machine
And with the Dodgers' greatest fears
Of future hopes unseen
Two rough years to be sure
Frustration to endure
But all the Dodgers' hearts were clear their best years weren't yet seen.

Two centuries became the age
Of Baseball's home country
When Walter Alston closed the page
On his great legacy
23 years, enough
Tommy knew it'd be tough
To supercede this cherished sage and bring equal glory

'77, day-by-day
Kept bringing victory
With Garvey, Baker, Smith, and Cey
Each homering 30
Until October brought
A series, though hard fought
The Bombers claimed that grim Tueday to clinch the year's series

'78 was much the same
When glory brought defeat
For that Fall, to the Dodgers came
The Yanks again, to meet
And despite Welch's save
The next four, LA gave
Another loss of hardened shame, the Yankees viewed as sweet

Passed three more years, no more they'd wait
'81 was the year
Fernando led them to their fate
To overcome the fear
Of the Yankees again
And become heroes then
To taste the fruits of vict'ry great for all LA to hear

Again, risen will be fallen
When time dwidnles away
Thus Lopes, Garvey, and Russel then
Would move on as would Cey
To give the Dodgers room
For new talent to bloom
In '82 when Joe Morgan crushed that era away

'83 and '85, they
Were fine but nothing great
For then the Dodgers lived to play
In two postseason fates
Though Tom's one pitch to Jack
Would send the Dodgers back
To go home those October days and not cross the Fall gates

'86 and '87
To the Dodgers' dismays
Were times for fans to seek heaven
To cherish glory days
And yet such dismal pain
Was not for long to reign
For one year was next to come when they'd halt such famished ways

For then came 1988
When men for all ages
Were true blue heroes for the fate
Of history's prized pages
When Gibby came to town
And Orel shut all down
Unto a season now so great, to make these men sages?
Yet more came to the men in blue
Against the mighty Mets
Sciosia's heroics proud and true
For fans not to forget
A bulldog threw the ball
To make this Dodgers' Fall
A great triumph which no one knew such players were to get
And then the Dodgers looked to face
The mighty "juiced-up" A's
With the Bulldog there to erase
The Big Mac and Jose
And Gibby hit that ball
Before his team won all
The glory in that series' race in those missed Dodger days.

And then the 90’s proved to be
Strenuous to endure
Two brief division stints to see
Swept out both times they were
Piazza came and went
FOX had the team for rent
Five straight years with the top rookie, most else famine for sure

In ’95, Hideo was
The new star of the year
Pitchers needed beware because
Piazza was to fear
To postseason they went
Although three games they spent
But fans believed the future was a mighty path so clear

But ’96 was certainly
No season to rejoice
For San Diego’s victory
Meant wild-card to blue boys
And then Atlanta’s rout
Struck LA three and out
Thus eighr long years were bound to be their wait though not by choice

“Adieu,” Peter O’Malley said
In the ’98 eve
For 5 decades his fam’ly led
Such a farewell to grieve
Then News Corp took control
To slaughter days of ole
And from then on, the Dodgers bled six years if you’d believe

Two-thousand three would mark the last
Of Murdoch’s savage reign
And thus the six-year stint had passed
Adieu to all that pain
Thus in came the McCourts
Who, before their divorce
Left a horrid string in the past! To the playoffs again!

Then was the year two-thousand-four
A good season of late
Though sadly, they saw nothing more
Than four postseason dates
But Betlre’s mighty stats
And Finley’s grand slam bat
For then brought much fans could adore, the future looking great

Alas! Most all the Dodgers stars
Who made ’04 so bright
Would travel near or travel far
But few took LA flights
Thus fans went back to yearn
For their home team’s return
To nights of great postseason spars under the Dodgers’ lights

Then in ‘O6, the playoffs came
Back to Chavez Ravine
But sadly, it was most the same
As ‘04’s fallen team
The Mets went three and o
To pour the Dodgers’ woes
But once again all felt they’d seen not all from this team’s game

Then Torre brought in a new look
As skipper in ‘08
And Manny aimed to join the books
Of all-time Dodger greats
They took the Cubs out fast
Postseason champs at last!
But sadly then, the Phillies took the pennant as their fate

Then ’09, was the last great cheer
Thus far in Dodger town
When Kershaw, Kemp, and Ethier
Led them LCS bound
Back to Philly they went
But only five games spent
Then Shane’s last catch would end the year’s last hopes in Dodger town

And now I write this final verse
In merely hopeful grieve
That I have now witnessed the worst
Of horrors to conceive
While in my heart I yearn
For the Dodgers’ return
To great days of a winning course, a wish I do believe