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Sat, Jun. 15th, 2013, 06:09 pm
mozartzbitch: Along awaited post

Alright so I haven't posted a real poem in a LONG time. I just wanna really get some work in this summer on this art form that I really lost some of my touch in. CRITIQUES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I really gotta think of a good now for this piece

The dice of life how many times
We roll each sacred day
For head or tails on any dime
We toss to find the way
To wait and see
What comes to be
Never to know
What could be so
Nor ever free
From that which we
Now live as though
To forward go

For ev’ry gift ‘cause I said, “yes”
I’ve cherished in my heart
That one word as well, I must attest
Has greatly torn apart
Many mem’ries
That weren’t to be
Although opposed
To much of those
For gifts to be
Or woes to see

Now saying, “No” as time goes by
Can be an omen too
For many times have come when I
Did not know what to do
But honestly
What times do we
Know what to say
On any day
Short of time’s test,
Which word was best

Every choice, be it seem less or not
Every reason we’ve possibly thought
Logic or illogic who was to know
Genius or foolish in hindsight it shows
Make a choice once before you’re a hero
Make it again and a fool’s path you go
One struck of good luck is one moment’s bliss
One struck of bad luck is a lifetime missed

Comes day’s end when I can decide
What should or not have been
For but my own thoughts deep inside
None other’s thoughts to mean
Be nice it could
Knowing what would
Though sad a lot
To know what’s not
What could be so
We’ll never know