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Fri, Jul. 1st, 2011, 11:44 am
mozartzbitch: What's this? A post on "hug_ninjas_lair"?

I'm curious how many if anyone will read this post besides me as I can't remember anyone posting on this site for years. Well I thought this might be a good spot to post this rather epic I have completed. There is just one thing though; this isn't the whole poem. This is probably about a third of it. I have been working on this ballad on two different computers. I began writing it two days ago on my office computer which I am writing from right now. I then added added a bit that night when I worked on my home computer. I added a bit more at work yesterday, completed some other parts at home and have yet to paste both parts together. It is an extensive ballad documenting the Dodgers' entire history since their conception in 1882. For now though, I just included the section about their Brooklyn years. More will come, fear not. And although I'm not aware of anyone beside me who's ever had anything to do with this site and is a Baseball fan at all besdies me, I hope someone can at least appreciate the work put into it. In fact, I'm curious how much of this poem can actually be transalted if you don't know anything about the Dodgers' history. Please read all the same and I'll clarify any historcial facts you can't understand. For now, I'm just including the part of the ballad the documents the Dodgers in Brooklyn. And actually, there's a missing verse I'll include later.

For once a franchise bathed in praise
Among Baseball's elite
For in this team's lost glory days
Which fans cherish so sweet
Yet as the years have passed,
Less does the glory last
And thus each poor hopeful fan says to wait for new great feats

In 1882 began
This team ev'ryone knows
Through many names it was known an'
Yet by one now it goes
The "Bridegrooms", "Brooklyn Grays",
"Superbas", "Dodgers", "Bums"?
"The Grays" Byrne and Doyle named each man yet "Dodgers" now it's so

And thus for 75 years,
'Dem bums was Brooklyn's pride
Through endless heartbreaks, mounds of tears; but glory far and wide
8 times, they'd play in Fall
1 time, they'd win it all
Yet all in through Brooklyn's streets could hear passion from ev'ry side

1920 brought fans great glee
Short of Mitchell's demise
For Cleveland seized the victory
Before the Bums' own eyes
And through the country's boom
The poor Robins would loom
And then Brooklyn was bound to see 20 straight woeful tries

But then came 1941
When MacPhail ran the show
100 games that year they won
Thus, to the Bronx they'd go
But for not Mickey's pass,
Victory, but alas!
A noveled rivalry begun with 10 chapters to go

In '47, history
Was changed for all the game
When courtesy of Branch Rickey
To Brooklyn Jackie came
And despite many's hate
His heroics were great
And through the decades brought many to bless Robinson's name

'47 and '49
Were cherished seasons most
But Shotton's boys at series time
Saw Casey as the host
While lead by Joltin' Joe
The bombers thus would go
To victory feeling pristine, without the Brooks to boast

Then '51, when Dressen got
To fall at Leo's hands
Branca's throw became Booby's shot
Heard throughout all the lands
This rival of such hate
No grudge in sports more great
Than between these franchises not forgiven by the fans

Then '52 and '53
Brought Fall classics both years
Pee-Wee, the Duke and company
Yogi and Mick to fear
Pennants, 'dem Bums would claim
But both years were the same
For Casey's boys claimed victory and left the Brooks in tears

A sincerely coveted gift
Is worth suffering for
For 1955 was this
One year forever more
When Brooklyn was the place
All could at last embrace
When they all saw Alston's men lift as champs never before

Then '56 would mark the end
Of Brooklyn's glory days
The scars of loss, fans could not mend
For Ebbets could not stay
The Yanks triumphed again
But fans all dreaded when
The Dodgers, Brooklyn's long-time friend were soon to part their ways

Then '57 marked the year
Brooklyn dared not believe
Walter O'Malley brought the fear
Fans' hearts would not conceive
As he took his team west
And history's the rest
For Brooklyn would become a mere old home 'dem Bums would leave